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:: Affiliate Marketing With Roy Carter – No BS Just How To Do It RIGHT!

  • :: Affiliate Marketing With Roy Carter – No BS Just How To Do It RIGHT!


Type : Sell
Date : August 16, 2018
Condition : New
Warranty : Yes
Location : New York, NY, USA

Product Name: :: Affiliate Marketing With Roy Carter – No BS Just How To Do It RIGHT!

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All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.:: Affiliate Marketing With Roy Carter – No BS Just How To Do It RIGHT! is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

Description:ATTENTION:I’m looking for anyone whowants to earn extra income on the Internet by test-driving the easiestway to get paid online. Affiliate marketing for beginners, but onsteroids! – Learn affiliate marketing from the best (and from one ofthe best affiliate marketing courses online)!Can You Set Aside Just 1-3 Hours Every WeekTo Complete One Simple Assignment?If yes…Let Me Show You How To Get Cash In The Bank WithoutA Website, Experience Or Even An Idea!YOUCan Become A Cash-ProducingAffiliate With10 x World InternetSummit Speaker, Coach &Mentor, Roy Carter!I’m about toput a decent affiliate marketing income in reach of everybody, so readon.Have you evertried to put together something that came with a “someassembly required” tag attached?I’m convincedthis is some kind of trick to see just how much we really want thecompleted product. Surely someone somewhere is watchingand having a good laugh at our expense,right?Sidebar:These things can be nightmarish. Mainly because whoever wrote theinstructions usually doesn’t speak our language. And then there’s thewhole “not enough pictures” thing. Add in the fact that they sometimesleave out important pieces of information and you’ve got the makings ofa frustrating experience.My wife and Iwere recently putting together such an item and as we looked at all ofthe different nuts and bolts, as we looked at the 10 pages ofinstructions, as we looked at this mess in front of us, I asked a veryimportant question…That may notsound like much to you at first glance, but that’s one of THEmost profound and important questions anyone performing any kind oftask can ever ask.Think about itfor just a moment -All of thosethings may very well be important in the long term, but they just getin the way for right now. You need one simple step at a time. All youneed to know is…Let metransfer that same line of thinking to affiliate marketing. Do youreally need a 200-page encyclopedia manual that attemps to explaineverything there is to know about the subject? Do you really need atreasure chest full of scripts, reports, tools, ebooks, and so forth?Do you really need a high-priced physical product that supposedly hasall the bells and whistles?Use thatnoggin’ of yours for just a moment –Does itreally need to be that complicated?!Wouldn’tit be much easier for you to actually get things done ifsomeone simply told you, “here’s the next step you need totake”?Make nomistake about it … you need a COMPLETE set ofinstructions. But you do NOT need to be overwhelmed with “informationoverload”. You simply need to know what to do (and how to doit!) in one simple step at a time.That’s whatI’m going to show you today. But, before we get into that, we probablyshould talk just a moment about “what is affiliate marketing” in caseyou’re completely new to the concept. Here’s what it is…The Hands-Down, No-Debate, Quickest,Easiest Way To Make Money OnlineAffiliatemarketing is an agreement between a vendor and an affiliate (you) inwhich the vendor pays the affiliate a commission for referralsgenerated through the affiliate’s efforts to promote a uniquelyassigned tracking link.1) You joinan affiliate program through their signup process. (Free)2) You areimmediately assigned a unique affiliate tracking link.3) Youpromote the affiliate tracking link in a variety of ways. (More on thislater)4) You earncommissions on orders generated through your promotion.That’saffiliate marketing in a nutshell. You promote your “affiliate link”and get paid when people click thru your link and buy the the productyou are promoting. It’s super easy and super fast to get started. Infact…Youliterally can be signed up for an affiliateprogram in less than 5 minutes!But what makesaffiliate marketing so desirable – and really separates it from otherbusiness models – is what you DO NOT need to have in place…You don’tneed to create your own products. Many people find theidea of creating their own products to be a daunting, overwhelming andeven paralyzing task. They say, ‘I don’t have any good ideas!’ or ‘ I’mnot a writer!’ or ‘ There’s too much competition!’ or ‘I don’t know howto set everything up!’ These are just a few of the valid reasons manypeople have when it comes to not getting their own products to sell. BUT, with affiliatemarketing, you don’t need your own products!You simply promote someone else’s already proven successful offerfor a commission.You don’t needall of that stuff. What you do as an affiliate is actually quitesimple…Promote youraffiliate link.That’s it. Youget as many people to click on your affiliate link as possible and letthe product owner handle all of the rest. And you earn commissionseverytime someone buys. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.It all comesdown to promoting your affiliate link. And that’s where I can help you.Let Me Send You A Proven EffectiveWay ToPromote Your Affiliate Link Every Week …That You Can Complete In Just 1-3 Hours!As anaffiliate, remember your only object is to promote your affiliate link.That’s all you do. You get as many people to click on that link aspossible.Thequestion is: how do you promote your affiliatelink?That’s a fairquestion, right?There are manyways to promote an affiliate link. Truth be told, some work and somedon’t. The trouble for most people is in determining the hard way whatis effective and what is not.I’m takingthe guesswork out of it for you!Every week youcan receive an email with a download link for ONE proven effective wayto promote your link. You complete your assignment and then move on tothe rest of your week. Let me repeat that…Every weekyou complete ONE assignment in a couple of hoursto promote youraffiliate link and then you do whatever you want with the rest of yourweek!Most people Iknow have existing jobs. And families. And interests. What you don’tneed is some crazy schedule that’s going to overtax your time and robyou of the other “stuff” in your life.That’s why I’mpurposefully going to send you weekly action steps to promote youraffiliate link that only take a couple of hours to complete. That’s 1-3hours per WEEK, not per day! Use the rest of your time to…Theimportant thing is this: this particularmoney-making venture isn’t going to require much of your time eachweek. Complete your assignment and move on.So, let me askyou a simple question…Who wants tobe a cash producing Affiliate?!Introducing “Affiliate Marketing With Roy Carter!”™AStep-By-Step,52-Week Training Program For Making MoneyOnline By Promoting Affiliate ProgramsI developedthis membership site to teach you how to promote affiliate programs injust 1-3 hours per week.Every week forone full year (52 weeks) you’ll receive an email with a special download linkfor that week’s step-by-step lesson. Included in the lesson is anassignment for you to complete so you’ll make progress everysingle week.Over thecoming 12 months we’ll cover 52 ways to promote your affiliate link,including…Instead ofsimply publishing this information in some ebook or quick coachingprogram, I’m making it available to you week after week in action-sizedportions so you’ll actually get results.You don’t need another ebook to clutterup your computer or more words to clutterup your brain. What you need is a weekly “here’swhat you do next” action step to complete. What you need isfor someone to show you how to quickly get startedand then keep teaching you week after week so you don’t getstalled along the way.And that’sexactly what I’m going to do when you join below.As a memberhere’s what you’ll receive…Step-by-steptraining for a full year!This is the main curriculum for the trainingprogram and consists of a weekly lesson indownloadable .pdf format. Every week you’ll receive an email directingyou to a webpage where you’ll download that week’s lesson to yourcomputer. Each lesson…One 5-25Page Weekly Lesson For 52 WeeksIn Downloadable .PDF Format!Every lessonis strategically created in such a way that you’ll see results with theprogram…Put simply,this is one of the very best affiliate marketing coursesonline today!Each weeklylesson is designed to be “to the point” andimmediately actionable.The firstlesson is coming your way immediately upon completing your order.Included in your first lesson…You’llget this instantly after you join below. Everything you need tounderstand the concept and get started is included in just a few shortpages.If you want tosucceed in promoting your affiliate link, this course iscustom-tailored for you! But, I do need to (seriously!) warn you aboutone thing…If You’re Looking For Bulls*#t ClaimsThat Promise Quick Riches … Sorry!There’s noquestion that what I’m about to tell you is going to cost me money.But, so be it. I’d rather be honest and keep my integrity intact thanto make a few more bucks.Here’sthe thing: I’m not gonna promise you riches.I’m not going to make the kinds of claims that you see on otherwebsites where persuasive and carefully crafted words make it soundlike you’re gonna make a lot of money in a short amount of time.I want to warnyou about these “claims”…Warning #1: Things aren’t always whatthey seem. Just because someone has a nice picture of acheck and some statistics doesn’t mean they are real. There have beenMANY cases of fraudulent claims where people have created fake “proof”for their websites. Not everyone does this, of course, but there arethose who do.Warning #2:Results definitely aren’t typical. Let’s assume for amoment that someone’s “proof” is legit … trust me when I tell youthat these results are NOT typical. The average person comes nowherenear the big-time results portrayed on the salespages. You cannotreasonably expect to duplicate their sales results.Warning #3:The truth up front is always better. I’d rather tell youup front that there is no guarantee that you’ll make X dollars than foryou to have yet another disappointment coming because I filled you upwith false hope and empty promises. There’s this thing calledintegrity. And I’m not afraid to risk getting you as a customer to keepmy integrity.Now, havingsaid all of that …How muchmoney can you expect to make?The truth is,I can’t answer that question. You could make hundreds monthly,thousands monthly or even tens of thousands monthly. Or, you could makeabsolutely nothing.I don’t knowyou. I don’t know if you’ll follow instructions. I don’t know if you’llcomplete the weekly assignments. I don’t know how motivated you are. Idon’t know you at all. How can I reasonably say with any certainty thatyou’ll make a certain amount of money?I can’t. And,if others were honest, they can’t either.WhatI can promise you is this: If you follow myinstructions for 90 days you WILL make a profit from your 1-3 hours oftime invested each week. How MUCH profit depends upon you.The entiretraining program is designed to work like popcorn as it GROWS your affiliateincome week after week.At firstthere are a few “pops”.After a fewmonths, “pop pop pop”.When the 12month training program is over,a whole lotta “popping” is going on!The programisn’t for those who are desperate. It’s for those who want to take timeand do it right. It’s for those who want to start a businessthat grows bigger and bigger over the next 12 months.If you’relooking for a “get rich quick” scheme, this isn’t it. This is alegitimate business that makes a little profit early on and sees thatprofit multiply and grow over the first year and beyond.Doesn’t soundas “sexy” as some of the other claims being made out there, I know.But, in the end, it won’t leave you disappointed that you wasted moretime and money, simply because it DOES work.So, let’s getstarted together…No More Paying ThousandsOf Dollars …Even If It Is In “4 Easy Payments”!And, in doingso, I’d make a lot of money. But, many good peoplewouldn’t be able to take advantage of the offer simply because it wouldn’tbe in their budget.Listen, Iknow. I know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck. I know whatit’s like to be deep in credit card debt. I know what it’s like to sinkmore and more money into empty promises. I know what it’s like to besuckered into buying a high-priced item on an “easy” installment plan.I’ve been there and I know. Trust me, I know. And I’ve had manystudents who suffered all that before they came to me.It is for thatreason that I am not going to charge the thousands of dollars that Icould charge for this program. Instead, I’m going to make it ano-brainer, and I’m going to make it downright affordablefor every budget.”Wow, that’sa bargain … seriously … what’s the catch?”Only 1,000 (And ShrinkingFast) MembersWill Be Accepted Into “Affiliate MarketingWith Roy Carter!”™I have placeda cap on the training program at 1,000 members.Once these initial memberships have been sold (and this will not takelong) I will close the doors and no more memberships will be available.You need tounderstand something about this -I don’t playmarketing games.This isn’tsome ploy. Ask around. I do what I say I’m going to do.Over the yearsmany, many people have missed out on my offers and have kickedthemselves for not taking action when they had the chance. I could showyou email after email. So, don’t think I’m bluffing here. I’m not.If you want tojoin, the time to do it is right now before the big SOLD OUT sign goesup in the box below.Your Money Will Be Returned By Me At TheClick Of A Mouse Button If You’re UnhappyListen,here’s the thing: I sell these membershipswith integrity, which means I play by the rules. And my rules statethat I offer you one of the best value affiliate marketingcourses online, PLUS a 60-day, money back guarantee. I’mfine with that. Istand behind my materials completely and know you’ll be completelythrilled with the content and, more importantly, the results.However,for your peace of mind, know that a refund is available anytime for thenext 60 days by simply emailing me  if you are dissatisfiedfor any reason.Join Now WhileMembershipsAre Still Available…Yes!I want my weekly lessons teaching me exactly, and step-by-step, how toset up and promote my affiliate link to any program I choose! Ihave read and agree to the legal disclaimers below.Click The Button Below to Order Now!YOUWILL THEN RECEIVE YOUR FIRST LESSON ACCESS DETAILS(Even if it’s 2:00 AM on a Saturday)Youwillreceive an email every week with a download link for your weekly .PDFlesson.*Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and itspotential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends onhis or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with anybusiness endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn anymoney.Remember,there are only 1,000 memberships available … these will NOT last long- and that’s a fact!See you on theinside.Best regards,Home- Privacy & Terms- FAQ – Contact – Affiliates©Copyright Roy Carter 2018 – All Worldwide Rights reserved

Click here to get :: Affiliate Marketing With Roy Carter – No BS Just How To Do It RIGHT! at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.:: Affiliate Marketing With Roy Carter – No BS Just How To Do It RIGHT! is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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