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Dog Training: Learn All About Training Dogs & Taking Care of Them

  • Dog Training: Learn All About Training Dogs & Taking Care of Them


Type : Sell
Date : August 23, 2018
Condition : New
Warranty : Yes
Location : New York, NY, USA

Product Name: Dog Training: Learn All About Training Dogs & Taking Care of Them

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Description:Doyou already have a Dog or are you planning to get one?var ur2=document.URL;var urn2= ur2.split(“?hop=”);var n2= urn2.length;if(n2>1){if(urn2[1]!=”quality09″ && urn2[1]!=”patvac” && urn2[1]!=”binro54″){document.write(‘[an error occurred while processing this directive]’);//break;}}if(n2==1){document.write(‘[an error occurred while processing this directive]’);//break;}Hi,Fellow Dog Lovers –Iam Nancy Richards. For last 8 years, I have myselfraised and trained dogs and puppies. Dogs are my passionand I always do the best I can when it’s for the goodof man’s best friend. I am confident these newestideas could not have been better timed to keep yourdog housetrained, beautifully groomed, healthy, happyand in general great to share your life with. Keepreading to find out more…Bow-wowand keep smiling!FromNancy Richards,Tuesday, 9:45 a.m.We have finally perfecteda remarkable newDog Training System that is so powerful, yet so simple and easyto use and learn that anyone… and we mean anyone…will be able to use to learn how to train adogin 17 days or less…If you don’t have adogright now, but are thinking of buying one, our membershipsite will tell you everything that you need to watch outfor before you buy it…And if yourdogis extremely stubborn and disobedient right now (and evenif it has the habit of relieving itself at places that youdon’t want it to)…you can now quickly learn the hundredsof secret techniques and strategies (known only by a fewof the TOP experts in this field) that are present in ourprivate, members’ only web site exclusively fordoglovers…OK, we know this probablysounds unbelievable, but if you give us just 3 minutes ofyour time, we’ll prove it to you right now…ThereAre So Many Dog Training Courses Available.What’s So Unique About This Training System?1.This Training System is applicable to Dogsof every breed and every size (from the cutelittle Shih Tzus and Chihuahuas to the larger breedslike Labradors, Boxers and even Great Danes). Thetraining needs of a Toy Dog like a Maltese or a MinPin is different from that of a Rotti or a Bulldog.Our training system attends to the specific needsof each and every Dog Breed.2.Asour valued client, you will get access to our members’only forum and discuss with other dog owners the advancedDog Training Tips and Strategies, Latest Updates onDog Training Methods, real life problems that youface, their solutions and lots more.3.Our Training System is a complete manual on dog care.It actually trains YOU to take care and train yourDog easily and effectively. It covers A – Z of Dogownership – how to housebreak them, how to teach themto obey your commands, how to control them if theyare stubborn, how to stop all bad behavior like barking,chewing or digging, how to groom them and how to takecare of their diet etc. etc.4.Weare so confident about our Dog Training System, thatwe give you a 56-day Money Back guarantee. We havean Unconditional, No questions asked Money Back guaranteefor full 56 days. And why can we give that? Because,we have 14,169 satisfied clients who have loved ourMembership course.Why Should You BelieveWhat We Say?Thisspecial Dog Training System has been developed by the Dog Training Institute. You have probably already heard about The Dog Training Institute, their mission and what they do…Incase you haven’t, the Dog Training Institute is the leading organizationin the world dedicated to the welfare of dog …Among our different activities, wecarry out extensive research on the best ways of training, takingcare of and maintainingdog. We also use the results of our research to train numerousdogowners like you on how to train, maintain and take care of theirdog…After years of painstaking research,The Institute has come up with a truly revolutionary and path-breakingDog Training System that anyone will be able to use it to learn how totrain theirdog in 17 days or less…Thetechniques present in our membership site will tell you howto turn your dog into an amazingly lovable, loyal, well-behaved,obedient, healthy, happy and fully house-traineddog in just 17 days or less…Anyonewho has a dog or is thinking of buying a dog will becomean absolute expert at training dog within 17 days or less afterimplementing the techniques present in our membership site…Wehave been running the Institute and this website more than 2years now and till date, we have 14,169 satisfied clientswho have successfully used our training system and are willingto learn more from us. Many of them have written to us abouthow our unique Dog Training System has helped them. Have a look:Larry,a 5 month old Dachshund – when his owners applied our techniques,Larry started showing changes in just 72 hours.”DearNancy,Thankyou for the information present in your site. I think themembership site will be very helpful for all dog owners.Withthe information on training and handling dogs that is presentin your membership site, any dog owner should have wonderfulsuccess with his/her pet. Your course answers so many questionsthat the owner of a puppy or older dog may have.We’vehad great joy and very close companionship with our dog Tizzywith the help of your training system (she has become thebest friend any owner can ask for), and other dog owners shouldbe able to have the same with their pets.”ChristineV. ShanerBethel, Maine…Someof the high points of your site are preparing us for the new…pup that we will be getting in a couple of weeks. How to prepfor its arrival, types of housebreaking methods, what andhow to feed it and I especially liked the personality/socialarticle…The section that I like the most is the discussionforum. Reading about others’ failures and success. It willbe very helpful in the future. Thanks again for the help.”TimHighfield”DearNancy,Ijust have to say I really enjoy your membership site itis really informative and I am learning a lot from yourarticles and…I also found the 101 ways to spoil your doga fun and interesting read as well. Keep up the great work.It is a great site. I am learning a lot.”Karen MaloneyWhen you become a memberof our site, you get immediate access to not one but 3separate online books titled…Hereare some of the dozens of little-known and closely guarded secretsyou will uncover in the first book titled “The Little-Known SecretsBehind How to Housebreak Your Dog Quickly and Easily”…Howyou can housebreak your puppy or adultdogso that it only relieves itself at the place where you wantit to and NEVER relieves itself in any other place in your house…Thesingle biggest mistake that inexperienceddogowners make when they try to house-train their dogs… and howYOU can avoid it (See Chapter 1 of the book for more details)…3easy methods by which you can housebreak yourdogquickly and easily – the Paper Method, Crate TrainingMethod, and Outdoor Method… detailed, step-by-step and easyto understand instructions, common mistakes made by otherdogowners while implementing the methods and how you should avoidthem (See Chapters 2 – 6)…Whichof these 3 methods of house-training will be suitable fordogpuppies and which methods should only be used for adultdog (See Chapter 2)….Whichof these 3 methods of house-training should be used if you mostlystay at home and which of these methods should be used if youhave to leave your house for work every day (See Chapter 2)…Aunique way by which you can know when yourdogis trying to tell you that it needs to go and relieve itself(See Chapter 4)…Howto house break your puppy or adultdogif you live in an apartment or if you cannot take it outsidefor some reason (See Chapter 6)…Whatto do if a fully house-trained dog suddenly starts relievingitself all over the house for no apparent reason (See Chapter7)…Thesimple technique that you can use in order to stop yourdogfrom spraying in the house and on the furniture in order tomark its territory (See Chapter 8)…2simple but highly effective things that you can do if your puppypees whenever it sees you or other people or whenever you approachit or whenever you pick it up (See Chapter 9)…WARNINGHound Dogs (like Beagles, Dachshunds, BassetHounds) or the Terriers (like Boston Terriers, Cairn Terriers)have an independent attitude and a mind of their own. Thismakes them difficult to housebreak and train.Yorkies, Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas are so smallin size that they can develop the habit of peeing or poopingat a remote corner inside your house, without getting noticed.This makes the Toy Dogs, in general, difficult to housetrain.While other Dogs like the Golden Retrievers,Labradors and others may not take too long to housebreak.If your dog is creating a mess in your houseand you are frustrated with picking up piles and soaking upstains, only 3 things can help you with housebreaking yourDog or Puppy – Patience, Consistency and the right guidanceon Housetraining.Afterreading this book, you will no longer have to worry before going towork every morning that when you return, you will find that yourdoghas gone to the bathroom in the most inappropriate of places…Youwill have the peace of mind of knowing that whenyou return home from work, the floor of your house, your carpets andyour furniture will not be dirty or permanantly ruined…Youwill save money because you won’t ever need to replacethe expensive carpets or furniture in your house because of yourdog..Othermembers of your family will no longer complain to you that yourdoghas not been house-trained properly…Plus,you will save dozens of hours of your time every week becauseyou will no longer have to waste time trying to figure out on yourown as to how you can potty train yourdog… our book will give you detailed, step-by-step instructions onhow to do so!Nowonder our incredible new membership site and training system is beingtalked about all over thedogcommunity on the Internet!Hi Nancy,Yourmembership site has been a big help to me in training ourpuppy Tiffany. I wish I would have known about the site earlier.Originally, we attempted to train her in a manner similarto our other dogs and we were having problems.OnceI subscribed to your site and read through book #1 titled”The Little-Known Secrets Behind How to Housebreak Your dogQuickly and Easily”, I was able to house break Tiffany inless than a week. She now consistently goes outside to “doher duty” and, although she still has accidents occasionally,the whole family is happier. It was especially helpful forus to understand her thought process and why she was doingwhat she was doing.Ican’t wait to read the techniques and secrets offered in book#2! Tiffany and I and the rest of my family cannot thank youenough for sharing this wealth of knowledge with us.Kathy ConleyYourmembership site has been a big help to me in training ourpuppy Tiffany. I wish I would have known about the site earlier.Originally, we attempted to train her in a manner similarto our other dogs and we were having problems.OnceI subscribed to your site and read through book #1 titled”The Little-Known Secrets Behind How to Housebreak Your dogQuickly and Easily”, I was able to house break Tiffany inless than a week. She now consistently goes outside to “doher duty” and, although she still has accidents occasionally,the whole family is happier. It was especially helpful forus to understand her thought process and why she was doingwhat she was doing.Ican’t wait to read the techniques and secrets offered in book#2! Tiffany and I and the rest of my family cannot thank youenough for sharing this wealth of knowledge with us.Kathy ConleyBut wait – that’s not all because..VerySoon, You Will Also Have ACompletely Obedient, Disciplined, Trained& Well-Behaved DogThesecond book that is included in our membership site – “AmazingTruth Behind How to Train Your Dog In Almost No Time At All”- has 4 sections. The first section will tell you everything aboutobedience training. The second section talks about training tricksto your dog. The third section teaches you how to control its barkingand other behavioral problems. The fourth section gives you solutionsto common problems faced by many Dog owners.Hereare some of the dozens of Dog training secrets that you will learnfrom Section 1 of “Amazing Truth Behind How to Train Your DogIn Almost No Time At All”Whether It Is A Dog Puppy Or AnAdult Dog Dog, You Can Easily Train ItTo Obey Your Every CommandHowto quickly and easily teach the basic commands like COME,OFF, HEEL, STAND, SIT, DOWN (LAY), STAY etc. to your Dog…Introduceyour Dog to other commands like FREEZE, TOY, OUCH, SPEAK,CATCHChapters10 – 11 give you the step-by-step instructions of teachingbasic and other commands to your Dog,AGerman Shepherd being trained for the SIT position – one ofthe first steps towards establishing your authority.HiNancy,Iam very pleased with your web-site. I bought a puppy justtwo weeks ago. I am so amazed what she has already learnedjust from reading your site. My puppy has learned Come,Sit, and Heel. I am so stunned that in such a short timewhat I have taught her to do…. With a little more timeand patience I will have a wonderfully well trained newmember to our family. She is such a joy to have along withour four other grown dogs. I am so glad I found your web-sitewhen I did, and I would highly recommend it to anyone interestedin training there pet. Thanks Again,TammyGrahamSection2 in the book titled “Amazing Truth Behind How to Train YourDog In Almost No Time At All” will also teach you how to…Amaze Your Family & Your FriendsWith YourDog’s Ability To PerformSome Astonishing & Amazing Tricks…Very soon, yourdogwill know how to respond to all the basic commands like COME, OFF,HEEL, STAND, SIT, DOWN (LAY), STAY etc….. without ever missing asingle step…You will no longer have toconstantly worry about whether you are making some mistakesin the  techniques that you are employing to train yourdog…Plus, you will save dozensof hours of your time every week because you will no longerhave to waste time trying to experiment with different training techniquesin the hope of discovering a technique that just might work… ourbook will tell you exactly which techniques work and which don’t andwill give you detailed, step-by-step instructions on the techniquesthat work…Some dogs (like Doberman Pinschers,Siberian Huskies) are strong-willed and have a mind of theirown. They need a confident owner who can consistently show themwho is the Alpha of the pack.Whereas many other dogs (likethe Labrador, Golden Retriever, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)are always ready to please you. Some dogs are shy and aloofin nature while others are over-friendly.Consistent training, early socialisation,firm guidelines and discipline can not only make your dog anobedient dog, it can even learn a few tricks and be a greatpleasure for its owners.The unique and powerful techniquespresent in our membership site, will make the training process fast,fun, easy, enjoyable and rewarding activity, instead of beingboring and time consuming…Also, just imagine the sheer number of absolutelyastonishing tricks that you will be able to teachyourdogto perform quickly and easily over the next few days…Very soon, yourdogwill be able to shake hands with you and with yourfamily and friends…Best of all, after youbecome a member of our site and read this book, you will learn howto devise YOUR OWN TRICKS and teach it to yourdog! Just imagine – out of all thedogin the world, only YOURdogwill be able to perform those tricks that you have devised on yourown!When your spouse, your kids,your friends and your neighbors see the stunning and incredible tricksyou have been able to train yourdogto perform, they will be absolutely amazed and will think that youare someone with super-human abilities!All this and more will be yours withinthe next few days as long as you become a member of our site and readthis book…But wait… this isn’t all that youwill learn from the second book. In the third section in this e-books…FinallyGet Access to Our Breakthrough TechniquesTo Help You Stop Your Adult Dog Or PuppyFrom Barking Unnecessarily & Biting…Somedog breeds (like the Basenji, the Mastiffs) are gentle in natureand hardly bark. Other dogs (especially the Terrier breeds,Pomeranians, Papillons) are often too quick to raise the alarmand will bark at the slightest sound or new sight.Incase your doggie has a tendency of barking his head off, youcan control him with Obedience Training, Socialisation, CommandTraining and Trick Training.Thisthird section present in our membership site will also help you learnthe breakthrough techniques that we have personally developed in orderto stop ANYdog- regardless of how unruly and aggressive it is right now – from barkingand biting people…Hereare some of our secret training techniques that you will learn fromthis book…3 simple but EXTREMELYeffective techniques that we have personally perfected thatyou can use to stop yourdogfrom barking or howling unnecessarily and making loud noisesand throwing tempers (See Chapter 5)…A secret and extremelypowerful technique that will enable you to stop your puppyor adultdogfrom biting permanently (See Chapter 7)…2common but SERIOUS mistakes that manydogowners make when they are playing with theirdog that actually encourage theirdogto bite.WARNING:It is quite possible that you are unknowingly making these2 mistakes yourself (since a very large percentage ofdogowners do it). See Chapter 7 of this book to find out whatthese mistakes are, and why you should avoid them at all costs…The4 most important reasons why somedoghave behavior problems (See Chapter 4 of this book)…Acommon but SERIOUS mistake made by manydogowners that causes communication to break down between themand theirdog. If you don’t know what this mistake is and unknowingly makethe same mistake yourself, yourdogwill NEVER be trained properly! See Chapter 4 of the bookto find out what this mistake is and how you can avoid it…Howto control food aggression in yourdog(See Chapter 5)…Justimagine… once you have read and implemented these secret techniques,you will NEVER have to worry about yourdogbarking or howling constantly for no reason at all..Youwill NEVER have to worry about any member of your family or any ofyour friends, relatives or neighbors getting bitten by yourdog…Youwill no longer have to listen to any complaints from the membersof your family or from your neighbors that yourdogis too unruly and disobedient…Afterbecoming a member of our site and reading this book, you can puta permanent end to the sheer sense of pain and frustration thatyou feel when yourdogjust doesn’t seem to obey you and listen to you – no matter what youtry…Afteryou read this book, you are going to have a fully traineddogthat is calm, extremely obedient, disciplined and well-behaved…And even this is not all that youwill learn from this ebook…In Section 4, the second book will describe…HowTo Quickly SolveSome OfThe Most Common Problems That AlmostALL Dog Owners Face…Thesecret training technique that will ensurethat yourdogis trained NEVER to do things that could be dangerous to it- like taking food from anyone other than specific membersof your family (See Chapter 5)…Howto prevent yourdogfrom getting into anything in your house with food in it,or turning over the trash cans in your house for food (SeeChapter 5)…3easy but highly effective tests you can perform to get anamazing insight into yourdog’s born-in traits… and how to use the results of these teststo better train your dog (See Chapter 6)…Whyit is so important to know at exactly what age yourdogwas taken away from its mother… and how the training thatyou give to yourdogwill change depending on this age (See Chapter 6)…Doesyour puppy have the habit of playing with your fingers insteadof its toys? Read Chapter 7 to find out a simple solutionto this problem…Doesyourdogoften seem to have excess energy? See Chapter 8 to find outhow to control yourdog’s excessive energy…4different training aids that you can use to control yourdogwhen you are taking it for a walk… and how to determinewhich training aid would be the best for YOURdog(See Chapter 9)…But wait – eventhat’s not all that you will learn from our membership site. Onceyou become a member of our site…YouCan ReciprocateYour Dog ‘s Unending Love & Devotion ByGifting It With A Long, Healthy & Blissful Life…Thethird ebook titled “How to Teach Your Dog to Love You” has 6 sections.The first sections gives all details about a dog ‘s diet. The secondsection contains tips on grooming dog. The third section talks abouthow to socialize your dog . The fourth section teaches you about generalhealth care for dog. The fifth section is for those who are interestedin breeding dog. The sixth section is meant for prospective dog ownersand will help them to select the right dog dog.Thefirst section from the third book will tell you everything you needto know about feeding your puppy or adultdogand giving it a proper diet…Itwill give you a step-by-step blueprint that will allow you to determineexactly what you should feed yourdogevery day…Here are someof the dozens of secret diet related tips that youwill uncover in this book:Isit a good idea to feed table scraps to yourdogwhen you and your family are having breakfast, lunch or dinner?See Chapter 7 of this book for the answer…Didyou know that there are only 2 distinct feeding techniquesthat you should use with your dog?Amajority ofdogowners don’t know what these techniques are and end up feedingtheir dogs the wrong way, which often has adverse consequenceson the health of theirdog!Makesure that you read Chapter 7 of this book to find out whatthese techniques are and how to determine which of these 2techniques would be appropriate for YOURdog…Howto determine exactly how often to feed, whatto feed and how much to feed your puppy, adult or olderdogevery day (See Chapter 7)…Howto vary the food that you give to yourdogas it grows from a puppy to an adult to an older dog (SeeChapter 7)…Isit better to give a corn based diet or a lamb and rice baseddiet to yourdog? The correct answer may not be what you think because MOSTdogowners get this crucial decision wrong! See Chapter 7 forthe correct answer…Doyou know what type of food that is eaten by human beings canalso be given to yourdog, and what type of food eaten by human beings should NEVERbe given to yourdog? See Chapter 7…Mostdogowners don’t have access to this chart, because of which theirdog never get the correct amounts of vitamins and minerals thatthey need to be healthy and happy…Tobe honest with you, this chart is so important thatyou should be hanging it on the wall of your kitchen so thatyou can refer to it everyday…Thechart was earlier known only to the researchers and trainingexperts working at theDog Training Institute, but for the first time ever, we are givingit to every person who becomes a member of our site…The1 food item that MUST be given to yourdogevery day in order to prevent it from being affected by diseaseslike cancer, heart disease, liver and kidney disorders whenit grows old (See Chapter 7)…Whythe pet treats available in most supermarkets or discountstores in your area may actually be harmful to yourdog’s health! (See Chapter 7)…After reading this book, you willno longer be worried about giving yourdogproper breakfast or dinner…You will no longer experience thesheer frustration of not knowing whether yourdogis getting the right diet…You will know exactly whatyourdogneeds for its diet every day, exactly what food combinationsare best for maintaining it’s long-term health and exactlyhow much food should it eat every day…Andyou will know exactly which food items and pet treats availablein supermarkets and discount stores you should avoid at all costs(thereby saving you even more money because you willno longer have to waste money on food that shouldn’t be given to yourdog in the first place)…Our membership site will be like atrusted friend and companion guiding you every step of the way sothat you don’t put a foot wrong…Once you become a member of our site,you will have the peace of mind of knowing that youare giving yourdogall the food items necessary to keep it fit, healthy and happy…But wait, there’s more…Thesecond section from our ebook titled “How to Teach Your Dog to LoveYou” will tell you some of the closely guarded grooming secrets fordog .Asecret, step-by-step process by which you can groom yourdogquickly and easily and ensure that it has a beautiful and shinycoat in almost no time at all! (See Chapter 13)…Thesecret grooming process described in our book has so far beenknown to no one other than the researchers and trainers at theDog Training Institute…Forthe first time ever, we are disclosing our secret grooming processto everyone who becomes a member of our site…Do you know how often you should brush it? Do you needto brush yourdogdaily? Or is it ok to brush it weekly, monthly or bimonthly?(Mostdogowners don’t know the correct answer).Hint:It varies based on yourdog’s hair length.SeeChapter 13 of this book for the correct answer…Pluto- A well-groomed Pomeranian with a radiant skin reflectsoverall fitness and good health.Mostdogowners don’t know the correct answer because of which they bathetheir dogs either too frequently or too infrequently…Bathingadogtoo frequently or too infrequently can both cause severeskin problems in yourdog…ReadChapter 13 of this book to find out exactly how often you shouldbathe yourdog…Howto prevent yourdogfrom suffering from skin irritation and dryness (See Chapter13)…Acritical mistake that manydogowners unknowingly make when they are drying theirdog after giving a bath to them that can often cause theirdog to hate being bathed and dried… and the secret tip thatwill ensure that you NEVER make this mistake (See Chapter 13)…Doesyourdoghave problems with runny eyes or waxy ears? See Chapter 13 tofind out how to solve these problems quickly and easily…Thesingle-most important point that you MUST remember when youare clipping yourdog’s nails..Unlessyou are aware of this point, there is a VERY high probabilitythat you may accidentally cause severe bleeding in yourdogwhile you are clipping its nails. This may lead to complicationslike infections that may need a lot of treatment…(See Chapter13)The secret grooming process described in our bookis based on years of research by theDog Training Institute…By reading this book, you will getinstant access to our painstaking research and will be able to turnyourdoginto a beautiful, pretty, perfectly groomed animal that will be theenvy of all the other dog owners in your neighborhood…Pretty soon, you will be ableto compare yourdogwith the other dogs in your locality and see for yourself how muchbetter yourdoglooks compared to the others… all because you read and implementedthe secret grooming techniques present in our book and membershipsite…In fact, we must warn you to be preparedto receive envious glances from the other dog owners in your localitywhen you take yourdogout for a walk!Don’tbe too surprised if some of them even come up to you to ask you aboutyour secret!Wait, there’s even more…The third section of this book talks about…Howto train yourdogNEVER to chew and tear up clothes, pillows, bed-spreads andother items in your house (See Chapter 3)…The very best wayto socialize yourdogwith other pets in your house, with your kids and with othermembers of your family… – how to introducea newdogdog, how to reduce jealousy in adultdog(See Chapter 5)Doyou know how much exercise you should give yourdogevery day – 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours?ReadChapter 9 of this book to find out the correct amount of exercisethat yourdogneeds to get every day…Each breed has its own exerciserequirements. While daily exercise is important, rigorous tomoderate to minimum exercise may vary depending on the breedof dog you have.The Toy Dogs (Chihuahuas, ShihTzus, Yorkies) are happy with indoor exercise only, whereasthe larger breeds (Labradors, German Shepherds, Huskies) shouldbe taken our for regular walks, active exercise and play sessions.Our membership site will tellyou how much exercise should be given to your dog to help itremain fit and healthy.Doesyourdoghave the habit of nipping at your feet when you are walking?See Chapter 11 for a surefire technique to solve this problemquickly and easily…Doesyourdoghave the habit of humping everything in sight? See Chapter 15to find out how to solve this problem in almost no time at all…Howto understand the basic psychology of yourdogso that you can communicate with and handle it better (See Chapter16)…Whatto do with yourdogwhen you are not at home and have to work long hours and howto ensure it has adequate company in your absence..(See Chapter18)Ifyour puppy or adultdoghas the habit of chewing your shoe, see Chapter 11 to find outa groundbreaking new technique that we have developed whichyou can use to make it stop…After you read this book and implementthe techniques described in the book, you will be able to socializeyourdogwith other animals and with other people almost effortlessly…You will save time becauseyou will no longer have to waste time trying to experiment and findout exactly how to socialize yourdogin the hope that you will accidentally come across a technique thatjust might work… our book will tell you exactly how to socializeyourdogwith very little effort and time on your part…Plus, when you leave your house forwork every day, you will have the peace of mind ofknowing that you WON’T be coming back to a completely destroyed homewith carpets and doormats shredded to pieces… our book will tellyou everything that you need to know in order to ensure that yourdogdoesn’t suffer from separation anxiety in your absence… (on topof that, you will save a LOT of money when you don’thave to replace all these !)The fourth sectionof the e-book “How to teach yourdogto love you” helps you to learn…Doyou know how often you should visit the veterinarian with yourdog? See Chapter 10 for the answer…Mostdogowners know that both puppies and adult dogs need to be vaccinatedagainst common diseases and illnesses…SeeChapter 10 for a proper vaccination schedule that you shouldfollow for puppies and for adultdog…The7 vaccines that yourdogshould have in order to ensure that it has a long and healthylife (See Chapter 10)…Whydodogget wheezing hacks and What should you do to releive your dogfrom that (See Chapter 10)…Howto keep yourdogcool in the summer (See Chapter 13)…Howto travel with yourdog(See Chapter 20)….Howto prevent yourdogfrom becoming car sick when you are traveling with it (See Chapter20)…4things you MUST do when you are traveling with yourdogin order to ensure that it remains safe and healthy during thetrip (See Chapter 20)…Butwait… even this is not all that you will learn from the third book…BreedingA Dog …Areyou interested in breeding yourdog? See Chapter 14 of this book to find out 3 essential thingsthat you must find out before you breed yourdog….Ifyou are interested in breeding yourdog, do you know the single most important thing that you MUSTdo before you use a stud service? See Chapter 14 to find outwhat this is, and why it is so important that you take thiscritical step before you use a stud service…Ifyou are not interested in breeding yourdog, is it a good idea to spay or neuter your dog? See Chapter15 for the correct answer…Are YouPlanning To Buy An Adult Dog Or Puppy?Here are a few tips to helpyou choose the right puppy and the right breeder…The3 places from which you should NEVER buy dogs (See Chapter 2)…Whatto watch out for when you buy your first dog and how to pickout and choose a nice puppy (See Chapter 2)…Whatto look for in the parents of a puppy before you choose thepuppy (See Chapter 2)…Thevery best place from which you can buy yourdog, which almost always ensures that your dog is a healthy, fullyvaccinated pet with an excellent pedigree instead of being ananimal with a significant number of hereditary diseases andillnesses (See Chapter 2)…Howto prepare your dog’s home before its arrival in your house(See Chapter 3)…..Howto determine which room in your house would be the most suitableroom for yourdog(See Chapter 3)…Whatto do when you first bring yourdogto your house (See Chapter 3)…The1 CRITICAL mistake that many first-timedogowners make when they first bring thedogto its new home which causes a tremendous amount of behavioralproblems later… and the easiest way to avoid making this criticalmistake (See Chapter 3)…Isit a good idea to let yourdogsleep in the same bed with you? See Chapter 3 for the answer..The9 essential items that MUST be present in yourdog’s room at all times (See Chapter 3)…The2 things you need to know before you choose a bed for yourdog. Unless you take both these factors into consideration, youmay end up choosing the wrong bed for yourdog(See Chapter 4 to know what these 2 crucial factors are)…Howto become a betterdogowner, keep yourdoghappy, and earn the companionship, love, trust, and loyaltyof your dog (See Chapter 21)…Howto let yourdogknow how much you love it and how to get that love in return(See Chapter 21)…Dogs love human companionship.Some dogs like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Weimaraners,Pugs need constant companionship. They are happiest when theyare with their human family and are showered with attentionfrom their masters. 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