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Self-Help-Self Defense


Learn the ‘secret stance’ that makes you an immovable object.


Discover the American scrap style self-defense system to save your loved one’s life


Learn About a Unique Skill that Will Keep You Shooting No Matter What Happens.

Self Defense

Live Anonymously


Avoid a privacy invasion. Prevnt number 1 fraud crime, identity theft.


How to protect your loved ones from Multiple out-Of-Control assailants.


This gives you a practical step by step blueprint to rapidly develop mental strength


Achieve a better and safer quality of life with more freedom and confidence.


The Valois Ssd-90 Knife Belt Might Be Most Valuable Survival and Self-defense Tool Ever Invented.

Self Defense

Spec Ops Shooting


The only program for the rabid American gun shooting market.


Tai Chi For Life, Health and Fitness comes as an instantly downloadable e-book.


You will learn how to disarm and take down any attacker – even if you have zero fighting experience.


Learn How To Defend Yourself and Family Using The Most Devastating Jujitsu Fighting.

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